19 February 2015 08:23 AM GMT

Citi is setting aside US$100 billion over the next decade as investment and loans to facilitate activities that reduce the impacts of climate change and create environmental solutions.

February 11th 2015
Algenol Gets US$25 Million Backing From BioFields for CO2 Fuel Technology

US-based Algenol, whose technology turns CO2 emissions into fuels, has closed a US$25 million dollar investment from Mexico’s BioFields.

February 11th 2015
University of Sydney Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Share Portfolio

The University of Sydney in Australia plans to reduce the carbon footprint of its listed share portfolio over the next three years by 20% relative to the footprint of its current listed equity composite benchmark.

February 4th 2015
South Africa Ready to Implement Carbon Trading Program, Study Shows

Prometheum Carbon said a pilot carbon offsets trading scheme has demonstrated that South Africa could implement such a program.

February 4th 2015
Australia to Provide US$19.6 Millon Funding for Carbon Capture Research

The Australian government has introduced a A$25 million (US$19.6 million) funding for research into carbon capture and storage technology.

January 20th 2015
2014 Warmest Ever Year, Study Reveals

Last year was the warmest since 1880, according to two separate analyses by NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists.

January 20th 2015
South Korea First Asian Nation to Implement Emissions Trading

South Korea has become the first Asian nation to launch a national emissions trading scheme.

January 19th 2015
India Urged To Accelerate Carbon Emissions Reduction

India has been urged by the United Nations to adopt a more robust carbon emissions target to play a leading role in sustainability, energy efficiency and fight against climate change.

January 19th 2015
U.S. Administration Slammed for Delaying Carbon Regulations for Power Plants

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity has criticised the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to delay regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power units under its Clean Power Plan to by mid-summer 2015.

January 19th 2015
California to Grant US$18 Million for Clean Energy, Efficiency Projects

The California Energy Commission approved nearly US$18 million to fund alternative energy and efficiency projects to help the state’s meet its climate and energy goals.

January 19th 2015
ADB to Grant US$100 Million to Indian Solar Project Developer

The Asian Development Bank said it will extend up to US$100 million to India’s ACME Group to help the company set up solar power projects.

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