22 February 2016 09:30 AM GMT

The market leader wants to create a ‘living laboratory’ at it’s North American R&D hub “to drive global innovation in efficiency and energy management solutions”. The microgrid will be deployed via a new business model that does not require any capital investment by Schneider Electric. It’s expected to begin generating 560,000 Kwh per year of electricity by Autumn 2016. Beyond saving the company nearly 5 percent on electricity costs at the site in its first year, the Microgrid will offer power resiliency in the event of a power loss from the local utility.

February 1st 2016
AD Innovation Reduces Waste And Increases Clean Compressed Gas Production

Bion Environmental Technologies has developed a next generation technology platform to enable the capture of ammonia. By capturing the ammonia, Bion not only prevents its impacts to the environment as before, but is now able to recover and process substantially more of the nitrogen in the manure stream into a stabilized value-added product. This platform can now utilise anaerobic digestion to produce methane which can then be cleaned and injected into existing pipelines, resulting in clean renewable compressed natural gas.

January 12th 2016
First−Ever Highrise Fuel Cell Installation at Morgan Stanley HQ

Bloom Energy installs notable project at Morgan Stanley HQ. The project will provide clean and uninterruptible power for the 750,000 Sq. Ft. office building. The new solid oxide fuel cell system (SOFC) technology converts fuel into electricity through a highly efficient electrochemical process, resulting in on-site, clean and reliable power. Combined with the solar field, these new installations are expected to produce approximately 3 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy a year.

January 11th 2016
SunEdison helps City of Watervliet, NY, Slash Energy Costs

City to use solar energy over the next 20 years to slash electricity costs and will save more than $1 million with use of solar energy in all city-owned buildings, including City Hall, the fire station and the library.

December 17th 2015
E.ON, Samsung SDI Form Energy Storage Partnership

E.ON has signed an agreement with Samsung SDI Co. to collaborate and tap opportunities in the energy storage business.

December 11th 2015
Greensmith Bags Investment From E.ON for Energy Storage

E.ON has made an undisclosed investment Greensmith,, a US-based start-up company providing energy storage software and integration services.

December 8th 2015
Duke Energy Partners Green Charge Networks for Energy Storage Systems

Duke Energy Renewables has formed a partnership with Green Charge Networks, a provider of commercial energy storage for retail, industrial and government customers, for the sale of energy storage systems.

December 7th 2015
CEFC to Provide US$183 Million to Australian Councils for Renewables

Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation has initiated a A$250 million (US$183 million) program to provide financing for local councils to invest in clean technologies to reduce their energy bills.

December 7th 2015
China New Energy Signs Deal for Bioenergy Projects in Africa

China New Energy Ltd. has signed an agreement with Sunbird Bioenergy Africa to develop two biorefineries, one each in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

December 1st 2015
US Finalizes Renewable Fuel Standard Volume Requirements

The US Environmental Protection Agency has announced final volume requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard program for 2014, 2015 and 2016, and final volume requirements for biomass-based diesel for 2014 to 2017.

November 27th 2015
Inter-American Development Bank Approves Funding for Green Bond Facility

The Inter-American Development Bank has approved financing to establish a regional Energy Efficiency Green Bond Facility.

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