4 February 2016 07:00 AM GMT

Innovative PACE program provides financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency upgrades with no out-of-pocket costs. CaliforniaFIRST financing doesn’t rely on a credit score and does not require any money down, opening the program to a wide range of Californians. It allows homeowners to choose a participating contractor in their area and install a variety of custom-tailored clean energy, water efficiency and EV charging projects.

February 3rd 2016
$430m Investment Fund Launched for Sustainable and Clean Energy Companies

Vision Ridge Partners has announced the launch of Sustainable Asset Fund (“SAF”). At $430 million, the fund is one of the largest in this sector and one of the few private investment portfolios focused on later stage clean energy companies and other sustainable assets. With a partnership between Vision Ridge, Capricorn Investment Group and the Grantham Foundation; the fund seeks to demonstrate the huge investment potential residing in breakthrough commercial solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

February 1st 2016
AD Innovation Reduces Waste And Increases Clean Compressed Gas Production

Bion Environmental Technologies has developed a next generation technology platform to enable the capture of ammonia. By capturing the ammonia, Bion not only prevents its impacts to the environment as before, but is now able to recover and process substantially more of the nitrogen in the manure stream into a stabilized value-added product. This platform can now utilise anaerobic digestion to produce methane which can then be cleaned and injected into existing pipelines, resulting in clean renewable compressed natural gas.

January 24th 2016
EIB Sets Up US$174 Million Financing for Akuo Energy’s Projects

The European Investment Bank will offer as much as €164 million (US$174 million) in financing for nine renewable energy projects developed and run by Akuo Energy in France.

January 15th 2016
Clean Energy Investment Surges Globally to Record $329bn

Clean Energy Defies Fossil Fuel Price Crash to Attract Record $329bn Global Investment In 2015. The year was also the highest ever for installation of renewable power capacity, with 64GW of wind and 57GW of solar PV commissioned during the year, an increase of nearly 30% over 2014. China was again by far the largest investor in clean energy in 2015, with a 17% increase to $110.5bn, as its government spurred on wind and solar development to meet demand.

January 11th 2016
7 Market Leaders Join Forces To Spur Clean Energy Growth

Senior Executives at Johns Manville; Johnson Controls; Microsoft; Recurrent Energy; Veolia North America; Vestas Americas and Schneider Electric join the Board of Advanced Energy Economy to support it’s efforts to spur the growth of secure, clean, affordable energy in the United States.

January 9th 2016
Veolia to Operate Two Biomass Plants in Japan

Veolia has won two contracts to operate two biomass power plants in northern Japan in partnership with Takeei.

January 7th 2016
CleanSpark, Renova Power Networks Lead Microgrid Deployment

Renova Power Networks, a development company whose principals are known for innovative financing models and renewable energy systems, has partnered with San Diego-based CleanSpark, the leading advanced microgrid software and controls company, to facilitate global deployment of best-in-class microgrid technology, reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively, and increase energy security and independence.

January 4th 2016
Pacific Ethanol Starts Production at Californian Plant

Pacific Ethanol Inc. has started production of cellulosic ethanol at its Stockton, California facility.

December 15th 2015
Veolia Bags US$79 Million Contract to Operate UK Biomass Plant

Veolia has secured a contract worth £50 million (US$75.79 million) from Equitix ESI CHP to operate the 6.55-megawatt Sherwood Biomass Plant in Nottingham for a 20-year period.

December 9th 2015
Engie Gets US$122 Million Funding Support French Biomass Plant

The European Investment Bank has approved a € 112 million (US$122 million) loan to France Biomasse for the construction of four biomass power plants in France.

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