4 July 2016 12:28 AM GMT

Africa has launched the African Renewable Energy Initiative which aims to produce 300 gigawatts of clean energy for the continent by 2030.

June 29th 2016
E.ON CEO Unimpressed With Government Policy Changes; Calls For Market Stability

Michael Lewis, CEO of E.ON Climate and Renewables GmbH, has voiced caution on the UK government clean energy policy reversals. “The UK has been E.ON’s largest market in terms of gross investment but since the election last year, there have been a number of very substantial policy reversals here. This sends completely the wrong signals to investors.” He outlined that, the “EU generally and the UK specifically needs to come together and deliver some coherent policies across the renewable energy area”.

June 26th 2016
Flagship Scottish Offshore Wind Project, A Model For Bringing Interests Together

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm, off the coast of Caithness, will create 900 jobs and generate 588MW of power once operational in 2019. Hailed as the “flagship project for the Scottish offshore wind industry”; it’s claimed that the £2.6bn project will be one of the largest private investments ever made in Scottish infrastructure. Lang Banks, director of conservation group WWF Scotland says that: it’s “great news for the climate and Scotland’s economy, this single project will almost quadruple our offshore wind capacity, helping to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as well as creating jobs and supporting local economic renewal.”

June 9th 2016
Santiago Pioneers Public Transport First; Solar Powered Metro Serving 2.2M Daily

Total and SunPower have announced that SunPower has signed a power purchase agreement for the supply of 300-gigawatt hours per year of clean solar energy to Metro of Santiago. With this agreement, the Metro of Santiago will become the first public transport system in the world to run mostly on solar energy. It currently serves 2.2 million passengers per day. “This project supports our ambition to become the responsible energy major,” says Bernard Clément, senior vice president of Business & Operations, of the New Energies division of Total.

May 30th 2016
Saudi Arabia, Vision 2030 – Setting a Target Of 9.5GW Of Wind And Solar Energy

The launch of the King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative and “initial” renewable energy target of 9.5GW, announced in the “Saudi Arabia Vision 2030” paper recently, is the highest level of commitment to renewable energy, ever made by the Kingdom. The main target is to “create a more diverse and sustainable economy”, co-financed by the country’s $2 trillion Sovereign Fund.

May 25th 2016
Intersolar North America – A Key Station For The Solar Express

Intersolar North America is the most attended and first major solar industry event of the year. It brings together thousands of solar professionals, industry leaders, press and key influencers to recharge and accelerate business goals through the end of the year and beyond. It unites people and companies from around the world with the aim of increasing the share of solar power in the global energy supply.

May 9th 2016
Scotland Striding Towards A 100% Renewable Electricity Generation System By 2030

WWF Scotland has published findings, which found that the supply of Scottish wind turbines was enough, on average, to meet the electrical needs of 70 percent of Scottish households. Besides wind power, there was also good news for solar power. According to WWF Scotland Director, Lang Banks; “homes fitted with solar panels were able to obtain 70 percent or more of their electricity or hot water needs from the sun.” He stated that the “Scottish Government must bring forward an energy strategy that ensures Scotland is the first EU nation to have a completely renewable electricity generation system by 2030”.

May 6th 2016
US Boosts Solar Power Projects In Africa, Highlighting Huge Potential

A number of African nations are to receive a new loan to enhance solar power projects awarded by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). The loan is one of the latest financial investments by the US in support of Africa-based development initiatives, aimed at supporting regional entrepreneurs and improving power infrastructure. According to Adnan Amin, the director-general of the International Renewable Energy Agency, there is a “huge appetite for investment in renewable energy projects in Africa”, however, African governments still need to ensure reduced risks by implementing regulatory frameworks and incentive schemes.

April 6th 2016
EU-India Summit: Added Impetus For EU and India Strategic Partnership

The EU and India decided to step up their cooperation to fight climate change and adopted the ‘Joint Declaration between the EU and India on a Clean Energy and Climate Partnership’. It is key to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and triggers a renewed climate dialogue with India. It intends to reinforce energy cooperation, mainly on renewable energy sources, promote clean energy generation and increased energy efficiency. It will bring together relevant stakeholders, including the EU Member States and the Indian States creating business and technology opportunities between the EU and India.

March 30th 2016
Climate Scientist Calls For Pricing Fossil Fuels To Accelerate Energy Transition

Former NASA climate director and Columbia University scientist, James Hansen has long called for a straightforward rising price on greenhouse gas emissions, which he argues would “quicken the transition to cleaner energy.” We could already be phasing out fossil fuel emissions, if only we stopped allowing the fossil fuel industry to use the atmosphere as a free dumping ground for their waste. “This is a tragic situation, because it is unnecessary,” he says

March 9th 2016
As European Solar PV Installations Slow, China, US, Japan Surge Ahead

Five countries; China, the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy will account for 70 percent of global installed PV capacity, projected to be 310GW at the end of 2016. A substantial increase from 40GW at the end of 2010. Continued stagnation of major European PV markets due to weaker financial incentives has caused PV additions in Europe to slow dramatically in recent years, but global demand remains strong. IHS says, “the supply chain continues to benefit from a period of relatively stable pricing, and there could be a new wave of capacity expansions.”

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