30 May 2016 12:44 PM GMT

Abu Dhabi’s state-owned renewable energy company Masdar has announced the inauguration of a series of renewable energy projects in the Pacific Island countries and territories, made possible by the $50 million UAE-Pacific Partnership Fund (UAE-PPF). The projects are designed to drive economic growth and sustainable development across the islands, in addition to job creation and capacity-building efforts. Highlights included cyclone-proof wind turbines, space-optimising solar solutions, and plants providing 50 percent of local energy requirements.

May 26th 2016
Unprecedented Unity As Record Numbers Of Nations Sign Climate Change Agreement

To enter legal force, the Paris Agreement needs a minimum endorsement from 55 countries, representing no less than 55% of greenhouse gas emissions. The World Resources Institute states that with more than 171 countries signing, these represent a total of 93% of global emissions. Among the most welcome surprises were the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters; China, India, Brazil and the US, who all signed the treaty. The volume of first-day-signatures broke the record held by any international treaty to date.

May 16th 2016
Overcoming Challenges, Solar Market Growth Is Becoming Irresistible

Solar power is becoming increasingly competitive and is leading to reductions in the costs of photovoltaics. Emerging and developing countries are seeing a new focus on wind and solar power, as generating it is often considerably cheaper than buying electricity from the grid, with long-term solutions providing independence from fluctuations in fossil fuel prices. The improved speed of installation also allows for renewable energy systems to be positioned in areas with greatest electricity demand.

May 16th 2016
Amid The Rise In Demand For Wind Turbines, Gamesa Gains Strength In India

Gamesa has consolidated its position as the leading OEM in India for the third year running recently. Consolidating its position, it has secured a contract for the supply of 198MW of the G114-2.0MW turbines. The Indian pipeline for this product has now been increased by 124MW and the order intake for it has reached nearly 2GW in 2015, globally.

May 16th 2016
China: JA Solar Commences ‘Intelligent Manufacturing’ At 1.5 GW Capacity Plant

JA Solar has announced that it has started mass production of high-performance PV panels at its high-performance manufacturing facility in Xingtai, Hebei province, China. The new facility, located in the Economic Development District of Xingtai city, has an annual capacity of 1.5 GW with fully automated assembly lines using the latest module manufacturing technologies. The fully automated assembly lines for making standard 60- and 72-cell modules significantly increase the productivity of the facility. The annual production per capita is estimated to be 2 MW, the highest among peers in the industry.

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May 6th 2016
ICCI 2016, A Platform For New Investment Opportunities

ICCI 2016 in Istanbul saw new investment opportunities for wind and solar in Turkey. Around 14.000 professionals and 279 exhibitors joined this year`s ICCI. They included big manufacturers like Siemens, GE, Suzlon, Nordex, Enercon or Goldwind and Turkish companies like Zorlu Energji. Significant opportunities for deals were opened in both Solar and Wind, as the national energy roadmap is to have 20 GW wind power installed by 2023.

May 1st 2016
Renewable Energy Generation Investment Surges, Outstripping Coal and Gas

In 2015, coal and gas-fired electrical energy generation drew less than half the record investment made in wind, solar and other renewables; one of numerous important firsts for clean energy. For the first time in 2015, developing world investments in renewables surpassed those of developed nations. The renewable market was dominated by wind and solar PV, which added a combined 118GW in generating capacity. Global investments in renewable energy since 2004, now total $2.3 trillion.

April 27th 2016
Australia’s CEFC Commits US$72 Million to Bioenergy Fund

Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corp. has committed A$100 million (US$72 million) to the new Australian Bioenergy Fund.

April 25th 2016
India – Keeping Pace With Rapid Change, Intersolar And Husum Wind Join Forces

HUSUM Wind and Intersolar are forming a strategic partnership in one of the key global renewable markets. India has huge potential for renewable energy, and the Indian government has set ambitious targets for the expansion of wind and solar energy in the years ahead. An additional 4-6GW of capacity is projected for 2016, which would put India in 4th place among the world’s top solar markets. The expansion targets for wind energy are just as ambitious, with the goal of adding 4.1GW within the same time period.

April 22nd 2016
Earth Day Call For Vision And Courage To Meet Climate Targets

The Global CCS Institute has called for urgent action to address carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through proven carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. With 155 countries indicating their intention to sign the historic Paris COP21 agreement, Page calls upon them to “reduce emissions from every possible sector of the global economy – urgently and without bias,”. “All low carbon technologies must be part of the conversation – including renewables, nuclear power, energy efficiency, and CCS.

April 21st 2016
Turkish Hospital Powered By High Performance Solar Power Wins ICCI Energy Award

The PV plant of the university hospital was awarded due to its model character, its good performance and its contribution to the regional development of the eastern Anatolian province Malatya. Inaugurated in 2015, it has accounted for around one-third of the electricity consumption of the university clinic, that is fully ventilated, heated and cooled by air-conditioning systems. 22,177 Jinko modules are installed. Total costs were 6.4 million Euro. 85 percent were covered by a 7-year bank loan and 15 percent through the general state budget.

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