9 March 2016 10:52 AM GMT

Five countries; China, the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy will account for 70 percent of global installed PV capacity, projected to be 310GW at the end of 2016. A substantial increase from 40GW at the end of 2010. Continued stagnation of major European PV markets due to weaker financial incentives has caused PV additions in Europe to slow dramatically in recent years, but global demand remains strong. IHS says, “the supply chain continues to benefit from a period of relatively stable pricing, and there could be a new wave of capacity expansions.”

March 9th 2016
New Energy Storage System Introduced To Improve South Korean Grid Reliability

Kokam’s 56MW energy storage project features the world’s largest lithium NMC Energy Storage System for Frequency Regulation. New 24MW and 16MW energy storage systems will use the Ultra High Power Lithium-ion NMC technology to deliver high-power output, fast recharging and long-cycle life to Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). Kokam batteries were also used in the Solar Impulse, the first plane to attempt to circle the earth using only solar power.

February 25th 2016
Electric Vehicle Charging And Energy Storage Are Ideal Grid Allies

Greenlots and Hawaiian Electric Company have demonstrated how an electric vehicle (EV) fast charger combined with energy storage can support Electric Vehicle (EV) initiatives, significantly increasing EV drivers’ “range confidence”. An innovative fast charger allows electric vehicle owners to get up to an 80 percent charge in as little as 30 minutes. Drivers can easily locate the fast-charge stations and charge using the Greenlots mobile app and pay for a charge through the app or by using a credit card, much as at a self-service petrol/gasoline pump.

February 25th 2016
Sunverge Advances In Australian Energy Storage Market

Sunverge Energy, a market leader in intelligent storage and distributed energy resource management, has announced a $36.5 million Series C round of financing. AGL Energy Ltd., Australia’s largest publicly traded energy retailer, joined current investors the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), SBCVC, Siemens Venture Capital and Total Energy Ventures International.

February 24th 2016
SkyPower Secures 200MW Projects In Rapidly Growing Indian Solar Energy Sector

The Agreement consolidates SkyPower’s advance in India, one of the fastest growing solar markets in the world. Over recent months, it has secured 400MW of Solar PV projects around India, positioning it strongly to capitalise on the most significant international opportunity at present; that of the Government of India’s 100GW solar target for 2022. Kerry Adler, SkyPower’s CEO, stated, “SkyPower is committed to making a powerful contribution to India’s goal of generating 100 GW of solar power by 2022, while the people of Telangana will benefit from clean, reliable and affordable energy”.

February 4th 2016
Cerberus Increases Renewable Energy Investments With 650MW Renovalia Acquisition

Cerberus has completed the acquisition of Spanish renewable energy company Renovalia Energy S.A. from affiliates of the Ortega Family and IDM Ortemar. This transaction gives Cerberus 100% control of Renovalia. Renovalia operates in six countries and has more than 650 megawatts of power generation under management along with a global development pipeline of wind farms and solar PV plants. The acquisition adds further clean energy assets to the total of US $28 billion currently under management.

January 29th 2016
Japan’s Sumitomo And Brazil’s Gerdau Announce Major Wind Sector Partnership

The partnership combines Japan Steel Works’ world leading manufacturing technologies, mainly in the energy sectors, with Sumitomo’s significant experience and knowledge within the renewable energy and wind-related sectors; and brings the strengths of these two companies together with Gerdau’s strong production base. This “Gerdau Summit” will focus on the production and sale of forged products for wind power generation in the Latin American market with a focus on Brazil, where Gerdau is the largest long steel manufacturer. Production is expected to begin in 2017.

January 26th 2016
JinkoSolar Agrees Largest US Contract to supply 1GW Solar PV Modules To sPower

China’s JinkoSolar has just agreed it’s largest US contract. It’s to supply up to 1GW, over three million of its high efficiency solar pv modules, to sPower before the end of 2016. The timing of the agreement is seen as highly significant in light of the recent extension by the US Federal Government of Investment Tax Credits for utility-scale solar development. The agreement also strengthens JinkoSolar, which currently has, 15,000 employees, 12 offices and 5 production facilities, globally.

January 24th 2016
EIB Sets Up US$174 Million Financing for Akuo Energy’s Projects

The European Investment Bank will offer as much as €164 million (US$174 million) in financing for nine renewable energy projects developed and run by Akuo Energy in France.

January 21st 2016
New Technology Enhances Wind Energy Storage and Grid Distribution

China Guodian Corporation has put into operation the first megawatt (MW)-scale, ultracapacitor-based wind farm energy storage system in the world. The manufacturer Maxwell Technologies claims that the new technology discharges and recharges power quicker, with a longer lifetime and better performance in low temperatures. These are suitable for stabilizing short-term power output fluctuation in wind farms and cabling in large-scale deployments, ensuring reliable access to wind-generated power on the grid.

January 20th 2016
Germany’s Heliatek Presents Disruptive Solar Technology in Davos

Heliatek, recognized last year as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers” presented an ultra-lightweight, flexible, solar film that is less than 1 mm thick, in Davos. Positioning it strategically as highly disruptive to the current energy model of large, polluting, CO2 emitting electricity producers by offering clean, local energy generation.

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