20 June 2016 02:45 PM GMT

Utilities have been slow to adopt renewable innovations like wind and rooftop solar, according to some critics, however, utilities now have the opportunity to seize a share of the $400bn US petrol market from the oil companies. Capturing market share for light-duty vehicles alone, “power sales would rise by about 25%, adding roughly $100bn per year to electric utility revenues and saving car drivers about $300bn a year”, states Michael Shepherd, Chairman of E-Source, highlighting a superb opportunity for utilities to boost significantly the growth of EV transportation.

May 16th 2016
China: JA Solar Commences ‘Intelligent Manufacturing’ At 1.5 GW Capacity Plant

JA Solar has announced that it has started mass production of high-performance PV panels at its high-performance manufacturing facility in Xingtai, Hebei province, China. The new facility, located in the Economic Development District of Xingtai city, has an annual capacity of 1.5 GW with fully automated assembly lines using the latest module manufacturing technologies. The fully automated assembly lines for making standard 60- and 72-cell modules significantly increase the productivity of the facility. The annual production per capita is estimated to be 2 MW, the highest among peers in the industry.

April 27th 2016
Australia’s CEFC Commits US$72 Million to Bioenergy Fund

Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corp. has committed A$100 million (US$72 million) to the new Australian Bioenergy Fund.

April 21st 2016
From Combustion Engine To E-Mobility: Transitions In The Value-Added Chain

“Electrification is the future job motor.” This was the summary of an e-mobil BW 2015 structural study. The automobile and supplier industry ascribed good opportunities to becoming leading providers of electric mobility and creating tens of thousands of new jobs until 2025. The Institute for Automobile Economics anticipates that vehicle manufacturers will expand product ranges and within ten years may record a 20 percent share of their sales with battery or fuel cell vehicles as well as with plug-in hybrid vehicles.

April 13th 2016
SolarCity, Credit Suisse Agree $150m For US Solar And Battery Storage Deployment

SolarCity Corporation has announced has announced a new $150 million non-recourse financing facility with Credit Suisse to support the deployment of commercial solar energy systems—including battery storage systems—for businesses, schools and government organizations across the United States. “Our asset portfolio enables us to continually bring in new capital from top tier institutional and corporate investors,” said Jeff Munson, Director, Structured Finance, of SolarCity.

April 3rd 2016
ORE Catapult Launches Batwind: A New Battery Storage Solution For Offshore Wind

Batwing is a new battery storage solution for offshore wind energy. The concept will be piloted in the world’s first floating wind farm, the Hywind pilot park off the coast of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Battery storage has the potential to support the deployment of wind energy by mitigating intermittency and optimising output to drive efficiency and lower costs. Stephen Bull, Statoil’s senior vice president for offshore wind, said: “Statoil has a strong position in offshore wind. By developing innovative battery storage solutions, we can improve the value of wind energy for both Statoil and customers.

March 19th 2016
Biogest Presents Innovative Technology For Integrated Systems At Biogas Plants

The technology facilitates the economic utilization of stover. It uses an integrated system capturing the entire stover process beginning with the harvest, to the special pre-treatment, to finally generating electric power and thermal energy in the biogas plant.

March 9th 2016
New Energy Storage System Introduced To Improve South Korean Grid Reliability

Kokam’s 56MW energy storage project features the world’s largest lithium NMC Energy Storage System for Frequency Regulation. New 24MW and 16MW energy storage systems will use the Ultra High Power Lithium-ion NMC technology to deliver high-power output, fast recharging and long-cycle life to Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). Kokam batteries were also used in the Solar Impulse, the first plane to attempt to circle the earth using only solar power.

March 3rd 2016
City of Las Vegas Installs World’s First Solar-Kinetic Street Lights

The City of Las Vegas will partner EnGoPLANET in a world first installation of street lighting powered by combining kinetic and solar energy, where the Kinetic energy is harvested from pedestrians’ footsteps via kinetic energy pads. “The city of Las Vegas is a leader in sustainability, from our commitment to renewable energy to recycling, our alternative-fuel vehicles and streetlights,” said Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman.

February 18th 2016
Rooftop Solar Revolution? Giga Solar Announces Successful Test Results

The results are from a groundbreaking project aiming to develop a suite of technologies that make the process of buying, installing, and connecting rooftop solar energy systems faster, easier, safer, and less expensive. The high-efficiency, crystalline-silicon, lightweight modules enable innovative, low-cost rooftop mounting methods. As they are glass-free and frameless, they can be flush-mounted directly onto the roof, avoiding the need for racking hardware, eliminating roof penetrations, and shortening the installation time. These benefits all contribute to lowering the cost of solar electricity. In addition to these benefits, the reduced module weight decreases transportation costs and improves ease of handling. The implications are highly significant in both developed and early stage markets – worldwide.

January 29th 2016
Japan’s Sumitomo And Brazil’s Gerdau Announce Major Wind Sector Partnership

The partnership combines Japan Steel Works’ world leading manufacturing technologies, mainly in the energy sectors, with Sumitomo’s significant experience and knowledge within the renewable energy and wind-related sectors; and brings the strengths of these two companies together with Gerdau’s strong production base. This “Gerdau Summit” will focus on the production and sale of forged products for wind power generation in the Latin American market with a focus on Brazil, where Gerdau is the largest long steel manufacturer. Production is expected to begin in 2017.

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